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  • Painting, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
  • Size: 100 x 140 x 4 cm
  • The painting comes signed, varnished and with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • International shipping available 
  • Personal delivery in the Netherlands


‘Cupid’s Universe’ – it’s a bit like love itself: complex, a touch messy, but oh-so beautiful. This piece? It’s a slice of that magic. Imagine Cupid zigzagging through stars, trailing a comet’s tail of colors. It’s the kind of art that doesn’t just sit pretty – it winks at you every time you walk by.

Looking for a conversation starter that doubles as a stargate? Here’s your ticket. Let's give those walls something to talk about!

Grab your own piece of the cosmos. No space boots required.

The painting is created with spray paints, acrylics, markers and luxury, rich layers of oil paint.


Step into the effortless world of art delivery. Every painting, including your chosen masterpiece, is shipped globally with precision and care. We believe in luxury that treads lightly on the earth, which is why our packaging is as environmentally friendly as it is sturdy and secure.

No matter where you are, from the canals of Amsterdam to the buzz of Tokyo, your art will arrive safely, ready to breathe new life into your space. For my Dutch art enthusiasts, let's make it personal – I offer direct delivery to your abode for that extra sprinkle of service.


Art is a luxury that should be accessible. That’s why we offer bespoke payment plans to suit your needs. Think of it as your personal easel, supporting your art journey every step of the way. Just reach out to us at (, and we’ll craft a plan as unique as our art.

While we take care of the journey from our studio to your sanctuary, please note that any local taxes or duties encountered along the way will be your keepsake to handle.

When you invest in our art, you're not just getting a painting; you're opening the door to a world of wonder and possibility. Welcome this transformative experience into your life, where each stroke, texture, and color has been conjured to captivate and inspire.

Welcome to the ease of art acquisition, where luxury meets accessibility. Welcome home.

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