Andriette Chrisoleen paints worlds where imagination and reality meet using inks, spray paints, and acrylics. Still, it's the final layers of oil that truly define her art, adding depth, richness and luxury.
Born in Amsterdam in 1982, she’s always had an interest in drawing, a clear talent even back in her school days.
After stepping back from her career in 2019, Andriette rediscovered her love for art, transitioning from realistic wildlife and portraits to her signature style, abstract art with a touch of realism.
It was during her transformative time at the Milan Art Institute's Mastery Program that Andriette found her true abstract voice. After graduating in 2023, she is now an artist whose works can not only be seen in public places and art fairs but also inspire people to find beauty in their world and themselves. In addition to participating in several art fairs and routes each year, Andriette is also a member of Kunst in Pijnacker-Nootdorp (KiP), further engaging with and contributing to the artistic community.
"Imagine a space where the freedom of open landscapes merges with the mystery of the cosmos. Ethereal Worlds on Canvas: Imagination for the SoulThrough my art, I explore the luxury of imagination and the peaceful escape it offers from our busy lives. I use mixed media and oil paint to craft dreamlike scenes that invite you into a world both out of this world and deeply familiar. My canvases come alive with vibrant colors, organic shapes, and textures, accented with just enough realism to spark wonder. Drawing inspiration from ancient myths and the mysteries of the natural universe, my work weaves these timeless stories with the awe of celestial bodies and subtle hints of earth’s hidden realms. Each piece celebrates the unseen, the vast, and the enchanting. With the use of oils, every painting is crafted with care, offering you a moment of luxury and a chance to pause. I invite those who see my art to look beyond the surface, to find something new with every viewing, and to feel the same sense of home and aliveness that the vastness of nature instills in me. My art is an open door to discovery and a mirror reflecting the beauty of the world around us—and within us."

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