How to Get Inspired: Unlocking Creativity Through Nature, Music, and the Cosmos

Ever find yourself looking for that spark to kickstart your creativity? It's something many of us encounter, especially when we want our work to truly resonate. I've discovered that inspiration is all around us, waiting to be seen and felt.

In this blog, I’ll share some of my favorite ways to connect with that creative spark. Whether it’s through the calming sounds of music, the expansive beauty of nature, or the awe-inspiring vastness of the universe, these elements help me paint dream worlds on canvas. Let's dive into these inspiring sources together and discover how they can fuel our artistic endeavors.

Music as a Catalyst for Inspiration

Have you ever noticed how the right tune can suddenly make everything click into place? In my studio, music isn’t just background noise; it’s a vital part of the creative process. The genres I explore are as diverse as my art, each type bringing its own flavor and stirring my creativity in unique ways.

For the dreamy, ethereal vibe that defines my latest collection, the piano melodies of Tony Ann, the evocative compositions of Ludovico Einaudi, and the soothing tunes of Marc Hanania are my go-to choices. There's something about their music that makes my brush flow freely, as if each stroke is guided by the rhythm.

When I need a bit more energy, nothing does the trick like rock music. Bands like Golden Earring, Deep Purple, and Metallica, or the iconic sounds of The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and Queen, bring a raw, powerful energy that translates into bold, dynamic strokes on my canvas. And yes, dancing around the studio is often part of the process—it’s liberating and lets my creativity run wild!

Sometimes, the right beat to kick things into high gear is essential, and that’s when I turn to uplifting dance music from artists like David Guetta or Armin van Buuren. The pulse of electronic beats can be the perfect push to get past any creative block. 

Even gospel music and tunes from Elvis Presley find their way into my playlist. The passion in their music resonates deeply with me, adding a soulful layer to my artwork.

If you're looking for ways to incorporate music into your creative routine, try building playlists that reflect different moods you want to channel in your work. Whether it's calming, energizing, or soul-stirring, the right music can transform your creative session into an immersive experience.

Passion and Inspiration

There’s something magnetic about watching someone deeply immersed in their passion. It doesn’t matter if it’s painting, cooking, or coding—passion is universal, and it’s contagious. When I see someone giving their all to something they love, it stirs something inside me, lighting up my own desires to create and express.

This emotional connection is a powerful source of inspiration. It reminds me why I started painting in the first place: to convey deep, often indescribable feelings through colors and shapes on canvas. Observing others pour their hearts into their work fuels my commitment to my own craft, urging me to push boundaries and explore new depths in my art.

To bring this idea closer to you, I’ve had the joy of talking to a few inspiring figures from various fields. For instance, I met with a local chef who treats his kitchen like a studio, where dishes are his masterpieces. His dedication to perfecting flavors and presentations reminded me of how I mix my paints—meticulously, with precision and yet, lots of love. This encounter inspired my “Culinary Delight” series, where I explore the intersection of food and art.

Engaging with passionate individuals teaches us that the fire of creativity needs continuous fuel. It shows us that our passions are not just hobbies; they are the essence of our souls. So, let’s seek out those who inspire us, let their stories fuel our fires, and remember why we embarked on our creative journeys.

The Universe and Its Inspirational Vastness

There’s something truly humbling about gazing up at the night sky. The stars and celestial bodies, with their mysterious beauty, remind us of the infinite possibilities beyond our own world. I often find myself lost in the sight of the stars or exploring images of the most stunning nebulae online. The vibrant colors and surreal formations spark my imagination, pushing my artistic boundaries.

The universe, with its vast expanse and breathtaking phenomena, invites us to think big—about life, existence, and creativity. This 'big picture thinking' isn't just about understanding our place in the cosmos; it's about expanding our creative horizons. By contemplating the infinite, we learn to explore the limitless potential of our own creativity. It encourages us to think beyond the conventional, to experiment with bold colors and new textures in ways we might never have considered.

This cosmic perspective inspires a sense of freedom and escapism that is profoundly liberating. The stars don’t just illuminate the night; they light the way to new artistic paths. Whether it's the ethereal swirl of a galaxy or the dramatic flare of a supernova, these cosmic wonders fuel my work, encouraging me to capture their majesty on canvas.

Each time I paint a scene inspired by the cosmos, it's an attempt to bring a piece of that vast, awe-inspiring universe into our homes, offering a gateway to worlds far beyond our reach yet vivid in our dreams.

The Healing Power of Nature

Nothing refreshes the soul quite like stepping out into the embrace of nature. When I’m surrounded by wide plains or towering mountains, it’s as if the world opens up, breathing new life into my creative spirit. The ultimate sense of freedom comes when you can hear only the sounds of the earth, breathe in the fresh air, and soak in the boundless beauty around you.

During these moments, whether watching the horizon stretch endlessly in the Serengeti or witnessing the rugged majesty of Scotland’s highlands, I feel a profound connection between the earth and the cosmos. The rise and set of the sun paint the sky with colors so vivid they seem unreal, sparking ideas and emotions that flow directly into my art. Sunrises symbolize new beginnings, each one a fresh canvas, while sunsets bring a sense of closure, a time to reflect on what has been and what can still be created.

This summer, I’m adding Idaho to my list of inspirational landscapes. I’m eager to see what new perspectives and ideas these vistas will stir in me. Each destination has its own unique influence on my work, their memories becoming part of the narrative I tell through my paintings.

Stepping into nature is like stepping into a living painting, one where each element has been perfectly placed to inspire and heal. These natural retreats are vital, not just for my art, but for rejuvenating my mind and spirit, reminding me of the simple, unfiltered joys of life.

The Timeless Inspiration of Art and Mythology

Art history and mythology hold endless sources of inspiration for me. There's something truly magical about the intricate details and rich narratives found in paintings from the Rococo and Renaissance eras. The elegance and emotion captured during these periods speak to me on a profound level, influencing my own interpretations and techniques.

I am particularly drawn to the myths depicted in these artworks. Greek legends, with their complex characters like Cupid, Zeus, and Jupiter, offer a treasure trove of themes—power, love, betrayal, and the human condition—all encapsulated in mythic tales. These stories, painted by artists centuries ago, show us the enduring power of narrative and the human imagination.

Each time I view these historical works, I find myself imagining the artist at their canvas, meticulously adding layers of color and emotion to bring their visions to life. This connection across time inspires me to weave similar depth and drama into my own abstract creations, blending the ethereal with touches of realism.

Exploring these classic artworks encourages me not only to appreciate the technical skills they required but also to think deeply about how myth influences our understanding of the world. By integrating these timeless stories into my work, I invite viewers to find their own connections and interpretations, just as I do.


As we journey through the landscapes of creativity, it's clear that inspiration can be found in a multitude of places—from the rhythmic pulses of music to the expansive universe above us, from the serene beauty of nature to the rich tapestry of art history and mythology. Each source offers its own unique palette of ideas, emotions, and perspectives, enriching our creative endeavors.

I encourage you, dear readers, to open yourselves to the diverse worlds of inspiration around you. Whether it's through a melody, a myth, or a mountain range, discover what resonates with you and lets your creativity soar. Remember, the key to a vibrant creative life is to continually seek out and embrace new inspirations.

I would love to hear about what inspires you! Please share your own sources of inspiration with me or explore more about the art that fuels our souls. Let’s keep the conversation going and build a community where creativity knows no bounds!

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